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China Clay

China Clay is also commonly known as kaolin or white clay. It is a primary clay formed by natural kaolinisation process and is formed by decomposition of some part of feldspar mineral. The china clay is normally found in white color and finds its use in all kinds of ceramic product production and other products such as refractory production, pottery works, textile industries etc for its unique properties. The processing of china clay goes through an elongated process from excavating the china clay to sieving, settling, filter, drying and then finally packing the china clay which is then made available to our clients. Our range of china clay offers high casting rate, low plasticity as well as high refractoriness as compared to its other alternatives which makes it a favorite in its market.
Product Image (China Clay)

Unwash China Clay

Price: 600 INR

Product Details :

  • Grade Name : MA-1
  • Shrinkage % : 5.83
  • Loss on Ingtion % : 13.54
  • Dry M.O.R kg/cm2 : Lemination
  • T.D.S : 316
  • Whiteness : 89.8


Product Image (01)

China Clay

Price: 5 INR

Product Details :

  • Grade Name : MB-2
  • Shrinkage % : 6.01
  • Loss on Ingtion % : 12.58
  • Dry M.O.R kg/cm2 : Lemination
  • T.D.S : 860
  • Whiteness : 85.2


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